Our Story

The story of Alchemy Africa is a journey through private corporate, multinational and public sector boardrooms - exposing the gaps between the strategic aspirations of oganizations seeking relevance in a dynamic and diverse South African milieu, and their failure to deliver sustainable value to investors, employees, and the community in which they operate.  Companies can no longer ignore the impact of managing their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk factors on achieving operational outcomes.
Resilient, sustainable, impact value driving organisations require decisive leadership -coupled with robust processes to identify and manage strategy beyond the numbers - the ESG factors.

Effective strategic leadership is as much qualitative as it is quantitative. A rising tide will not lift all boats. This has become ever more evident in the face of Black Swan events. Alchemy Africa supports organisations bridge the space between it's stragety, values
and Governance, Policies and Corporate Culture.

Our role is to help organisations assess and effectively bridge the spaces between stratgic aspirations and values, lived cultures, and  driving performance through the creation of better governed, inclusive and socially responsible organisations. King IV requires organisations to be, and also seen to be, good corporate citizens.

If you want to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting rocks today - African Proverb