Our Services

Due Diligence & Gap Analysis
An effective intervention has to be tailored to not just the industry, but to the individual organisation as well.

Alchemy Africa, alone or in partnership with its associates, making use of industry appropriate international norms and standards, will identify the gaps in organisational performance and operational disconnect.  With a view to helping  organizations develop more robust value measuring frameworks and creating closer alignment to organisational aspirations of inclusion, diversity and courageous leadership. 

  • ESG Due Diligence
  • Governance Risk assessment
  • surveys
  • focus groups
  • benchmarking against International Standards 
Structural Interventions
Transformation and Inclusion interventions naturally begin with addressing the structural gaps.

tentimes, the solution to unlocking value and streamlining operations may be less policies, utilizing clearer objectives and desired outcomes, easier adoption and application whilst still addressing the strategic, regulatory and operational imperatives.

We are able to provide support with:

  • policy review & revision 
  • ESG value drivers 
  • risk management and governance frameworks
  • M& E tracking frameworks
Leadership, Governance & Impact
Effective leadership is as much qualitative as is it is quantitative.  Focusing on compliance and numbers alone is seldom enough to unlock sustained value and productivity.
Sustainable and impactful performance and cultural 
transformations, beyond policy changes, require ongoing efforts to embed behavioural changes and create healthy thinking, innovative & inclusive  environments. 

We support your organization through empowering leadership to incrementally and systematically create the optimal environment for lived cultural transformation and proactive governance and risk mitigation.
We can provide training and facilitation in the following areas:
  • Governance, Environmental and Social factors
  • risk identification and managment  
  • diversity & inclusion
  • bespoke leadership & mentoring programmes